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Editorial Guidelines/Rules

Quality Content Guidelines for Press Release Submission

MeshPress editorial staff reviews all press releases before spreading to make sure that content is interesting, correct and in an suitable press release layout. Attention to the following rules will assist your press release get quick approval and sharing on our website.

The press release should incorporate the features and qualities like Timeliness, Relevance, Proximity, Prominence, Rarity, Trendiness and Human Interest.

Important Points:

Mesh Press Can’t Guarantee inclusion of your PR and Its editors has full rights to delete your PR without any notice.

All the account will deleted which use Gmail, Yahoo or any other free email protocol for registration. We only accept accounts with your business email like “”

You’re not allowed to submit more than 3 PR’s in one day and use more than 3 links in body of your PR.

Your contact information must contain Your physical mailing address and valid phone number.

If your PR does not get online within 24 hours, it is surely deleted – check the rules below, and make changes in your press release accordingly before resubmitting. In the majority of cases, it is reasonably obvious why your press release has not been approved – be honest with yourself, and read the rules below.

Press release should also incorporate following qualities and features: 

Timeliness and Newsworthy Content: Common news approaches comprises timely information regarding a new product or service, expansion of a business, an organizational target like an anniversary or award or the issuance of a tip sheet or specialist opinion on a topic presently in the news.

Objective Tone: MeshPress news releases should be free of advertising and direct address like (“you”, “I” and “We” etc) except used within a quotation from a spokesman from an organization. Direct address is a standard that the content is an advertisement rather than a news press release.

Legally Accurate: Our Press release needs a case number, record form court, complaint number or other sufficient documentation for all press releases referencing legal action.

Valid Contact Information: MeshPress releases must include a valid phone number, Physical address and e-mail address in the contact information.

Written Authorization: MeshPress release approval process may require a written authorization in few cases like the use of a stock ticker symbol.

Standard Content Length: Our press releases content should be in the range of 300 to 800 words. Press release length directly affects its sharing and makes a trouble being indexes in the search engines.

Content Grammar and Spelling: MeshPress releases should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. However, the use of jargon and acronyms are good for ranking in the search engine.

All the PR’s will be deleted without any notice which:

Doesn’t contain any form of contact information.

Promotes a ‘thin affiliate’ website.

Makes unqualified claims (e.g. “best,” “biggest,” “longest,” “fastest” – without evidence);

Contains links to, or is about, gambling related material, illegal activity, pay day loans, malicious software or pornography.

Does not contain any sort of news (a new product or website is generally not newsworthy);

Is not a press release (articles, faux reviews, letters – are not press releases, we don’t want them);

Promotes MLM (Multi Level Marketing);

Uses a free email address (such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail) – use your company email address, or your PR representative’s contact details within your press release body, and try to use your company email to register your account: spam accounts predominantly use free email addresses;

Contains inaccurate, or incomplete media contact information.

Content Review Process

MeshPress follows three key guidelines while reviewing and approving to publish content.

1- There must be diversity in the press release information and editorial team embrace with the content diversity during review process.

2- Content of the submitted press release must be of high quality, factual and focused and stick to the tight editorial guidelines

3- The availability and openness of public inspection must be present to permit measures of quality upgrading in the review procedure.

The editorial review procedure follows a two level review process.

Level 1 – The Executive Editor reviews the submitted press release and completes initial reading and review of press release.

Level 2 – The Executive Editor personally sends the press release submission to one of the staff editors if needed. The Staff editors further reviews the checking the technical and factual issues of the submitted press release.

The editorial staff publishes submitted press release after following this two level process.